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The Veros first started in 97 in Lille (France) felt like playing again in a band only for the fun and pleasure. Boni was the former drummer of Snix in the 80's, Véro was the former bass player of Les gens d'ici so as Boni on guitar and Denis also played drums with Criminals in Feast. They play oldschool Oi!.in english as their main musical influences : early british Oi. For the moment they mainly played abroad (3 times in Belgium), once in England, and twice in France.

They played with Criminal in Feast (surprising eh ?), Resistance 77,Gundog, Les Teckels, Warboots ; in Herne Bay (Porky’s 2nd festival) with Les Vilains, On File, Section 5, Super Yob, and Menace and at the Live & loud in Donk with Crusaders, Skinflicks, Evil Conduct and Super Yob.

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The Veros "The way I feel" .Test pressing - 10 copies

  The Veros "The way I feel" 500 copies + insert
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  The way I feel
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  a multimedia CD (self-produced) : The original idea was to produce an original demo stuff for promotion, something different that the traditional demo tape. It’s conceived a bit like a web site, with review on the members, 5 video clips (live and rehearsal),few tracks and surprises,... and also the two tracks (of the 1rst single) you can listen on a cd player. a first single (recorded in may 2000 and coming out in janvier 2002 !) "The way I feel" the second one is already recorded, supposed to coming out (sooner than the first one !) still on Guilty Records. Other plans to come.
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